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Darkest legal tint SUNTEK

It is not only looking good, also best protection for yourself and family. Heat, UV, safety and privacy.

Tint a car services

Welcome to Graphic Window Tint

Since 2012, our talented team works hard every day to provide the best services for our clients. We customize our offerings based on specific needs, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.

Automotive Window Tinting Services  ( Lifetime warranty? It's YES     )


Tint a Home, Office Services

Solar tint, commercial window tinting, frosting films.

  • We will come to you for free window measurements, Call us now.

Sale Branding

PPF Film

Paint protection film

Graphic Window Tint PPF

  • Near invisible film that protects against stone chips, scratches, and scrapes

  • Stretchable long-lasting invisible film molded to your vehicle's surface.

  • Best ever protection.

  • It's come with warranty 5-10 years.


Gtechniq Coating

Ceramic paint protection

Our favorite coatings in the industry.

The strongest and thick layer of paint protection 5-9 year guarantee. Matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl, and chemical resistance.


Automtive Vinyl Wrap

Co-lours change

  • Full car vinyl wrap available.

  • Our products are one of the best in Melbourne.

  • Creates a unique personality for your ride.

  • Durable and protective layer for your paintwork.

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Painting Wall

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59-65 Buckhurst South Melbourne vic 3205


0404 149 730

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8:00 am – 5:00 pm


8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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Graphic Window Tint
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